CRM Implementations in the past have been known to be painful, drawn out processes. This does not sit well with many clients, nor does it add value, just time. In the past, nearly every implementation was completely custom, or close to it. The client would decide how to customize software, that in reality, they know little about. This added to the time of implementation, as well as the pain.

Our unique approach is to get you up and running, learn ProfessionalCRM, learn how it works with Microsoft Dynamics, and then come back to the drawing board for customization a few months after implementation. As Microsoft Dyamics is a development platform, our team will help you decide on initial customizations that will benefit you from day one, and will help you steer clear of any unneeded changers. As we say “We grab the low hanging fruit”.

This allows for savings on the customer side as there will be no time wasted on customizations that never get used, or just get changed later down the line. It saves time, and allows for the most efficient use of the firms budget. We make CRM success a reality every day.

Professional CRM

Efficient and Painless implementation