Why Us:

Proven Methodology

Experience You Can Count On
Our proven methodology applies to small and enterprise-level projects and is the basis for our client’s success. It has been developed overtime through multitudes of successful projects. This methodology builds upon:

  • Clearly understanding client requirements;
  • Developing a common vision and approach;
  • Documenting a clear roadmap, both functional and technical;
  • Delivering that vision in incremental phases; with
  • Continuous emphasis on the user adoption cycle.

Our team of CRM consultants, Developers and Implementation professionals understand that careful planning and flawless execution are fundamental requirements for success. Their unparalleled commitment to quality and efficiency, along with years of experience working directly with CRM and SharePoint make the difference.

We work with each company to provide a return on their overall investment in the shortest possible time. The return comes in the form of taking basic information supplied to us and turning it into something much more valuable and functional. These projects are always forward looking: It is far too easy to rush into an initial rollout without considering future functionality, especially when it comes to the ongoing collection and rendering of data in the system, and the impact this will have on the users, current and future. To create this value we:

  • Integrate, to the greatest degree possible, this information into their daily work routines;
  • Assure users their confidential information remains so;
  • Pre-populate relevant data, identify a resource that "owns" the system;
  • Make the system easy to use; and
  • Create the desire to use the system.

With these goals achieved, use will produce more use, and the true value of your CRM investment will be realized.

There should be very few technical challenges to the implementation of your CRM system. Understanding the unique needs of your company, the business processes impacted, and addressing any of the cultural changes required to be successful with CRM will be the critical components, and this will be handled with the utmost care and finesse.

There is no one size fits all solution to meet the CRM needs of any particular company. We will leverage our experience when addressing common issues found within other like organizations. This keeps costs down and minimizes the time required to begin realizing the benefits of your investment.


Their deep experience in Microsoft CRM and our industry helped shepherd us to success.

Jennifer RousCIOWhiteford Taylor & Preston

The C4CRM team delivered significant value...We highly recommend them as a business partner.

John HarrisonSenior VP Sales and MarketingConcord Technologies

When it comes to implementing CRM, the first name I hand out as a referral is Michael.

Heather MorseDirector of MarketingBarger & Wolen LLP

Honest and totally frank about how to get your project done...

Mark LavenderSales DirectorCCS Mobile

Dedicated, focused, and client-orientated team...

Joolz LewisManaging DirectorThe Corporate Hippy

First-class project management, with real attention to detail and a genuine commitment to ensuring on-time on-budget delivery.

David WoodheadPractice LeadSocial CRM, CSC